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Welcome to Calm with Catherine’s
Serenity Sublime Offerings 


50% of Sound Healing at First Pres Church in Mt. Vernon goes to Navajo Water Project. Let's help clean drinking water flow in faucets of Navajo family homes.

Additional events offered by Calm with Catherine

Join my mailing list to learn about, and take part in, various retreats/other offerings named below (both in-person and virtual options). Or contact me regarding possible teaching/retreat leading at your org's next gathering:

Spirit, Wholeness, and Healing Peace

Winter's Wisdom, Rest, & Renewal: A Winter Solstice & Advent Retreat

The Energy of Love

Deep Abiding: Praying, Loving, and Living from the Inside Out (based on my doctorate)

Dreams as Spiritual Guidance, Healing, and Encounter

Vibrational Sound Healing 

Compassion and Radiant Heart Meditations (doctoral research focus).

Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra) - online and in-person

Mindfulness Training (secular; energy based; and/or inter-spiritual approaches)

Stress reduction practices - secular and spiritual approaches

Living as a Soul: Relax into Your Soul's Purpose & Peace

Qigong and other energy medicine TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 

Yin Yoga informed by TCM. Also Para and Hatha Yoga

Divine Indwelling, Christ Consciousness, Christian mysticism, and Interior Prayer (doctoral studies)

East/West Inter-spiritual contemplative wisdom and related practices

Consciously Living as Carriers of Light; as Instruments of Healing Peace 

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