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Yoga & Qigong


Release stress, toxins, and tension. Drop deep into tranquility and sublime states of peace, oneness, and healing wholeness through integration of awareness, breath, gentle movement, and universal life force energy Spirit.

You or your friendship group, work group, or other org can experience these calming states through a wide range of offerings. Try gentle Yin Yoga (mostly seated and reclined long, meditative holds with fewer postures focusing upon deep fascia and energy pathways for rebalancing emotions, mind, and body) with or without a TCM 5 Element Chinese energy medicine approach. Or, stick with a gentle Hatha class, or a powerfully calming and tension reducing Chair Yoga class.

Also offering simple Qigong meditative energy medicine movement as well as fusion yoga and qigong classes ("qi" = energy and "gong" = cultivation), acupressure, soothing singing bowl vibrational sound healing, and other energy medicine for opening energy. 

Let me help you experience yoga, qigong, and related spiritual wisdom for life both on and off the mat. 



Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel


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