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(Yogic Sleep)

Deep relaxation, ease & healing peace.

Yoga Nidra is a reclined, guided meditative experience of entering non-doing and deeply calming brainwave states for powerful relaxation, restorative health benefits, and planting intentions at the subconscious level for

manifesting new ways of being.

Session focus options include:

  • Deep Relaxation.

  • Inner Wisdom.

  • Stress reduction.

  • Greater Effortlessness and Ease.

  • Healing mind and body.

  • Manifesting personal goals, intentions (sankulpas), and improved performance.

  • Letting go of controlling, micro-managing tendencies.

  • Living from Source or True Self.

  • Merging with--and resting in--regenerative, peaceful Presence--the One Reality of which we are part.

  • Healing grief.

  • Releasing over-striving, clinging, and perfectionism.

  • Increasing contentment, happiness and joy.

I'm available for group and individualized sessions--with or without sound healing integration (it's powerful either way). Yoga Nidra works beautifully in-person or virtually. Research studies on the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra include U.S. government and VA Hospital programs working with military veterans struggling with PTSD.


Amid pandemic we can meet virtually or by phone.

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