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Dreams as Guidance, Healing & Encounter

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Our earliest ancestors and countless spiritual traditions (including Biblical) throughout human history have turned to dreams, not only for personal insight and nighttime soul travel beyond the physical body, but also for wisdom to ensure the well-being and survival of their people. Indigenous peoples continue turning to dreams in order to glean wisdom, healing, as well as encounter with the ancestors and the Sacred. You can too. I offer both individual and small group Dream Share sessions virtually (ie. your family or friendship group's next fun experience together). Also workshops (ie. synagogue and church groups) and retreats (see my Events page. You can also contact me to discuss availability as a Dream Guide at your org's next in-person or virtual retreat). Sessions include a fun, easy, adventure-filled Dream Share process to help you go deeper in being the expert and meaning-maker of your own dreams. Also learn: - How to catch your dreams and overcome dream droughts. - Be inspired by learning how various inventors, artists, social justice leaders, and various cultures/spiritual traditions have turned to dreams as gifts for personal and collective wisdom, soul growth, healing, and visitation including with deceased loved ones. - Paying attention to synchronicities and signs amid everyday life (think of them as "Dreams of the Day" which are also a way the Universe, the Divine, shared consciousness, and/our your Higher Self is trying to speak to you. Dream work can be integrated into ongoing, monthly Spiritual Companioning, or as a a one-time session. $64 for individual session. For facilitating a Dream Share for a friendship group, retreat or other gathering, we can discuss rate based on group size. Peace, Catherine

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and refunds for events held through retreat centers are subject to their refund policies.

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P.O. Box 43 Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314

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