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Art heals.


As artist-mystic-priest I approach spiritual landscape paintings and photography

with an incarnational lens. One that senses Spirit drenching, infusing, and interconnecting all 

people and beings including earth, light, darkness, water, fire, clouds and vast sky.


Upon the altar of creation

including quiet earth and sky,

the invitation is

to gaze at a feeling, energetic and non-doing power of Being level.
To drop into

interior states of vastness, calm, flow, and peace.

These spiritual landscape paintings and photography are windows into and out from my soul.
May they connect with your own in ways that bless, sooth and heal.



Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel make us whole (the original and still truest meaning of “heal”). Whole with our Deepest Self, our Godliness, our Soul, the Spirit that is us. Healing art is, as the ancient Chinese believed, “a wedding of spirit and matter.” And we are spirit and matter. The role of the artist-healer, of the healer as artist, is to so reveal this Basic Truth to us that

we are at last whole.~ John Diamond. M.D.

Current Gallery Experience

Morning Run 2020.jpg
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