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Dreams as
Spiritual Guidance, Healing
& Encounter

Our ancestors within countless spiritual traditions (including Biblical) 

turned to dreams not only for personal insight and healing wholeness but also for encounters with The Sacred, and for navigating life in ways that would ensure the well-being and survival of their people.

Indigenous peoples have done so. 

Ancient Romans did so, with special attention to the liminal state

between sleep and waking during which time the gods were said to speak. Abolitionist Sojourner Truth utilized dreams and intuitive insight to navigate
her way North, bringing countless people to safety.
Inventors like Thomas Edison have made scientific discoveries
through dreams.

We too can learn how to catch, remember, and more mindfully listen to both dreams of the night

 and dreams of the day
(those meaningful signs and mysterious synchronicities
or timing of events amid daily life).   

Doing so can help us live more deeply

with greater wonder, meaning, and wholeness. 

I work with people one-on-one and in groups to help them explore their dreams and synchronicities for:

  • Discerning which life direction to take.

  • Honoring encounters with deceased loved ones, guides, and The Sacred.

  • Facing the Shadow in order to heal and grow on the life journey.

  • Soul travel.

  •  Being more awake to mysterious healing forces, communing Oneness, and interconnectivity with all beings in this One Reality of which we all are part.

     The process is easy, fun, meaningful, and safe (no one is imposing their understanding of a dream upon you; only you are the expert of what your dream ultimately means--not others nor some generic dream symbol book).

     Dream work can be part of ongoing Spiritual Direction/Companioning, or a one-time session (See Soul Friend page) and are typically held via Zoom. 

     Dream Share is also a fun, meaningful experience for friendship groups and orgs.  Friendship or work groups, retreats (with yogic sleep and other goodness enfolded). and workshops are typically offered in-person if geographically close.  

  Feel free to contact me at

Peace, Catherine

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