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Sacred Presence.


Peaceful mind-body-spirit practices. 

Healing Arts.

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Release. Relax. Renew. 

Meditative energy-based practices to calm, rebalance, and revitalize mind, body and spirit. 

Attune to indwelling Spirit & the energy of Love infusing and interconnecting all beings in this One Reality of which we are part. 

Healing Beauty - Mystical landscape paintings as spiritual medicine and Encounter.

Soul Friend - Anam Cara (Spiritual Companioning/Spiritual Direction)

Inter-spiritual healing wisdom from Eastern, Christian contemplative, and mystical traditions.

Dreams as spiritual guidance, healing & Encounter.


Calm with me.

Like calm, tranquil water beneath the often storm-tossed surface of the sea,

there is peace deep within us.

It's always there hidden beneath our ever changing thoughts and emotions; beneath our stress, struggles and striving.  This inner peace has many names like Inner Loving Presence, universal life force energy Spirit, Soul within all souls, and one's true or deeper Self. It exists in and through all people and beings in this One Reality of which we are part. Awareness of this inner peace and oneness has many names like Awakening, Christ Consciousness, and Turyia.  Noticing, resting in, and compassionately living more often from the grace of this vaster, more spacious sense of Self offers wholeness and both personal and collective peace.       

        For over a quarter century I have provided spiritual teaching, healing, companioning, retreat leading, contemplative mind-body-spirit practices, and preaching.  I've assisted countless people with diverse religious, secular, and spiritual-but-not-religious backgrounds as Spirit Guide, artist-healer, college chaplain, and priest. These people include college students and faculty, elders, athletic teams, farmers, clergy, and writers. All seeking meaning, transformative growth and healing, as well as greater peace in their relationship with others, self, the Sacred, and world.  Explore this website for ways I can help you or your friendship group, faith community, retreat center, or org in ways that calm, empower and heal. 


Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel

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