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Dreams as Spiritual Guidance Workshop

Sessions are available in 60, 75, or 90 minute format for individuals, friendship or work groups, schools, and civic or faith orgs. Also as 2 hr workshops, a multi-week series, or as a retreat in ½ day, full day, and weekend format.

What will we explore in a dream workshop?

In numerous cultures and spiritual traditions dreams are a source of healing wisdom, guidance, and encounter including with deceased relatives, spirit guides, one's higher self, and The Divine. In this experiential workshop we will practice: 1) a simple technique for gleaning insight from nighttime adventures; 2) ways to increase your ability for catching or remembering your dreams; 3). paying attention to synchronicities amid daily life; and 4) a dream share process you can do with a friend or group for both individual and collective guidance. Rather than playing armchair pseudo psychologist with one another with attempts to tell each other what their dreams mean, this process involves everyone listening to each other's dreams for life application/insight in ways akin to some indigenous cultures...dream sharing for mutual/shared healing wholeness. 


How to prepare for dreams as spiritual guidance

Bring a dream with you--a fresh one, or a "big" dream from your past which still holds energy for you. This can include a synchronicity and other unexplainable yet meaningful sign in waking life. Also bring a friend if you like, a pen and journal.

Enhance your dream experience

While this can be a stand alone workshop it also works beautifully as part of a retreat in combination with Primordial Sound Healing, mind-body-spirit practices, and/or Yogic Sleep, a reclined guided meditation experience which takes one from thinking and time bound states of consciousness down into healing Theta and Delta brain wave states with deeply relaxing, peaceful, floating like non-doing states of being. 

~Led by 500RYT certified yoga, mindfulness, and meditation instructor Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel

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