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5 Element Qigong

Sessions are available in 60, 75, or 90 minute format for individuals, friendship or work groups, schools, and civic or faith orgs. Also as 2 hr workshops, a multi-week series, or as a retreat in ½ day, full day, and weekend format.

What a 5 element qigong session includes

Influenced by Taoist wisdom drawn from nature and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this qigong (qi=energy; gong=cultivation) session enfolds a holistic approach including 8 brocades and gentle movement for opening energy pathways of the body based on a season or emotional and psychological theme in need of release (i.e. anger or sadness) or cultivation (joy and equanimity). Ends with seated or reclined meditation. All skill levels welcome.


How to prepare for 5 element qigong

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing. Props: A chair and a quiet room which allows for some gentle movement. No yoga mat necessary.

~Led by qigong practice group leader and certified yoga and meditation instructor Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel

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