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Yin Yoga

Sessions are available in 60, 75, or 90 minute format for individuals, friendship or work groups, schools, and civic or faith orgs. Also as 2 hr workshops, a multi-week series, or as a retreat in ½ day, full day, and weekend format.

What a Yin Yoga session includes

This style of yoga combines a slow, meditative breath and energy based approach, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), fewer postures, and mild to moderate sensation while relaxing into targeted areas of the body. Deep tissue is gently stretched, energy pathways release stagnant energy, and mind, body, and spirit enter calm and “reboot”. Postures are experienced in ways which honor your unique body while seated and reclined using brief transitions through downward dog or dolphin.


Post-pandemic/in-person experience enfolds vibrational sound healing through Himalayan Singing Bowl sound bath. All skill levels welcome.


How to prepare for Yin Yoga

Wear non-restrictive, comfortable clothing. Props: Folded blanket to protect your knees. Yoga mat optional (a bed or floor will do). Consider yoga blocks if you have them. Also a pillow or bolster under the knees to support your back during “letting go” restful reclined moment at end.

~Led by 500RYT certified yoga, mindfulness, and meditation instructor Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel

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