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Online: Yogic Sleep & Energy Medicine

Sunday, Oct. 16th from 3 to 4:10p.m. CST

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Service Description

Release, rest, and renew--all from the comfort of your home. Rest in--and re-identify with--a vaster, more spacious sense of Self. Opens with acupressure, and a couple slow, meditative Qigong and/or Yin Yoga postures to rebalance energy pathways and emotions. Then drop beneath the mind through guided, reclined Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra). BENEFITS include: Reduce stress/PTSD, assist healing and physical wellbeing, live with greater ease, slow aging, recharge when sleep deprived (40 min. of Yogic Sleep = 3 - 4 hrs sleep), manifest goals, and/or to experience heightened awareness of Oneness. HOW TO PREPARE: For this experience you'll want a quiet space where you won't be disturbed (turn off phone too). Have a Nest of Comfort ready beforehand, meaning a favorite blanket and support for beneath your knees to help prevent lower back pained during the reclined yogic sleep meditative experience. (Head pillow and eye pillow are optional). Dress in layers as your body temp will drop. For our pre-yogic sleep experience you'll want enough space to stand with outstretched arms (many of these standing movements are also accessible to people who need to sit). When we shift to slow seated and reclined Yin Yoga postures, you can use a yoga mat on the floor or use a bed. Have folded blanket or cushion on hand to elevate hips. For yogic sleep you'll recline on a yoga mat or cushions on the floor, your bed, or in a recliner. If your only option is to sit upright, sit with your head resting against a wall to avoid head bobble so that you can really go deep and letting go). A zoom link will be sent after registration. Please join Zoom mtg several minutes prior to class start time. IF GIFTING, PLEASE REGISTER FRIENDS SEPARATELY. HEALTH WAIVER: By participating you agree to take full personal responsibility for honoring any health limitations you may have, and your doctor approves of your participation in wellness offerings such as this class. You agree to modify class instruction as needed, and not drive or operate heavy equipment after class until fully awake and grounded. By registering you agree to the directives mentioned here, and waive any claims against Catherine or Calm with Catherine LLC.

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